Not Sure

I love women but I also love the occasional guy. The person I am committed to right now is a woman. She is the greatest. I love kissing her ad being able to share my true feelings with a person that truly understands. I can not imagine a guy trying to understand feelings. All they want to understand his how to and when can they *** on you. Even though my family does not know yet I am trying to figure out myself I guess if I am truly a lec=sbian or a bi-sexual. Thanks for reading this.
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2012

A heartfelt confession Beth. I can fully appreciate the importance of having a friend and lover as in your case to share your true feelings with and a person that truly understands. From reading many of your stories i have the feeling that you may very well be a lesbian. You have enjoyed fun with your girlfirends boyfriend ******* on your panties but your feelings are seemingly much stronger for females. You appear to extract and derive an enormous degree of pleasure and gratification from your sexy fun with females. I am sure however you will determine your definitive sexuality inclinations soon if by now you have not already done so. Whichever decison you make, be sure to be proud of it for the rest of your life. You are entitled to be. You will have my full support. With respect, a guy can understand feelings if he is open minded, a good listener, is honest, sympathetic, understanding and supportive. I lead my life by determinedly ensuring i uphold these most important attributes.

Great story Beth. Thank you or sharing it.


you are cool with how you are.i love women,but i like men sometimes too.sometimes i feel like a lesbian trapped in a mans body.when i was younger i wanted to get off with my dates but i always tried to make them to feel good too.of course i didn`t know then what i do now.i did try though