Idk What to Think

ok well i just started with my girlfriend, and i have been dreamin about my ex and her ex, and it really ****** me off im not in love wit my ex and i am not a jealous person and i really dont like dreaming about me fightin an ex what does it mean? im really in love with my girlfriend and wouldnt want to change her for the world what does my dream mean?

nikkiandtina nikkiandtina
1 Response Jul 23, 2009

It could be feelings of closure that you dont have from your ex and it probably ****** you off that you didnt get an explanation or a reason so maybe it makes you mad that seeing your ex with someone else without reason or explanation is whats making you mad but in conclusion i think you should either do things with your current girlfriend away from your ex do different things that both of you like to keep your mind off your ex cause whats gonna happen is its gonna drive you crazy not knowing and its gonna destroy your current relationship with your girlfriend which is gonna make her think you still got feelings for her which isnt the right way to go plus you dont want your girlfriend thinking you want your ex back cause then your gonna have another problem on your hands so my advice to you do things with your girlfriend that you didnt do with your ex make your current relationship worth it keep it interesting.