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I have never truly shared my life's dilemma and I don't believe I am quite ready even still.  Even here, wrapped in the coat of anonymity, I am yet too exposed.  Please bear me up with your prayers as I gain courage.  I am still shocked that I am here, in your cyber presence, reading your life songs and contemplating my own.  In His Love... mommahen

mommahen mommahen
46-50, F
3 Responses May 7, 2010

discovering this group has given me hope that I am not alone and I am sure that given time, you too will gain support from this group whether you are ready to share or not. I have shared tonight for the first time ever and feel unburdened. Tomorrow, however, I have church and am wondering whether I will feel the same. You will be in my prayers mommahen, strength and courage and the love of God to envelope you. He loves us even though we often dont feel worthy of it. His love never changes xx

whenever you are ready, there will be people both here and in the 'real' world that will support and help you. all you need do is ask. :) <br />
you can do this

Hang on, it will get better.