I Research The Bible Between The verses and the rainbow

during the beginning of the bible, God's rainbow's promise Noah that he wont flood the world anymore. during the old testament, God spoke to his people of Israel about Homosexuality is a sin, but after Jesus discover our flesh, God regret about our flesh and feelings that he forgives and love thee world.
So there is a sign on the Gay pride flag, That is actually a message from God that he will promise not to punish Homosexuality anymore.

Some Extreme Christians Criticize this but without a death penalty.

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1 Response Oct 4, 2011

We do get punishments, each one experienced differently depending on Gods judgement. HE did not promise to stop punishing, but to not destroy the earth with water again. What you said was out of your desire and knowledge, not the bibles. By Extreme Christians you probably mean the people who shout out Gods word in flesh, in wrong. True Christians go by faith and gods trimming. i struggle with being a lesbian also, but i will not let my desires nor selfishness get through me and god, because God is a God of greatness and true joy.