Yeah Why Not Say Hello! So Hey, Hello

oh, i did write a butch, a bunch, but its dissappeared so who knows what happend to it. oh well. il begin again. im me, hi, i came on this site to see how it works to help out a freind who needs to be around people who can 'get' her. and while her again , i looked up the word lesbian on the search, and here i am. because yes, i am a christian. and being honest, no, i didnt put christian in the search but im glad to be here. i am a christian, and its hard work!! which is fine but maaaan, i would love to be in the body ya know. only i have had more hand laid on me than i care to remember. i truly prayed over it to begin with , and if im honest, well, i am honest., im ok today, with my father, ya know, the father, i feel like we can joke and he knows my heart and its all ok, but still these people want me to pray hard!! and be willing to remove the demon . lol. im sorry, if im sounding flippant. im not. but yeah, i cant lie even if iam wrong, i am willing , but all that said, im me. a little nuts but ok. and erm. well. lesbian and christian. kicked out by christian foster folks for being lesbian . i had to find my own way, and yeah, a god i hadnt realy known , but who had always been there, showed me that way. and here i am. meabwhile this is not a good intoduction , so please, ... forgive me please, its late where i am and perhaps i should know better than to say hello while im this tired. but i trust and i am . so let it be. hi out there. and hey, know we are all children , and our relationship is unique. take care all. im off to bed . gooodnight from an old nut. xxx
coffeeandcake coffeeandcake
Sep 11, 2012