Accepting Homosexuality As A Christian

If being a lesbian is wrong, then does that mean love is wrong?
If being born as gay is wrong, then forcing yourself to be straight is right?
If being gay is a sin, then hating on gays is a good thing?
If not accepting yourself as God made you is right, then I don't want to be alive.

God does not want people to hate and discriminate against gays. God put us here to be happy, and if loving a member of the same gender makes you happy, truly happy, then go for it! Being gay does not hurt anyone, therefore it is not a sin. A sin is something that hurts someone.

I'm only fifteen years old, and I have enough sense in my head to know these things! Seriously people, put your common sense and morality before anything the Bible says. You know, not everything in the Bible is literal. Sometimes you actually have to interpret for yourself what it is saying. God gave us brains, so let's use them!
AbysmalSoul AbysmalSoul
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1 Response Feb 18, 2013

well said! I am very proud of you.