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As anyone in life, I had to resolve myself to the fact that there was a God and he had to have a good sense of humor, because here I am. Until my mother died 33 years ago, I did not believe there was anything like a God. Never occurred to me how or why I got here beside my mother and some guy had sex and out I came. Anyway, during her funeral, I started to realize that there must have been someone or something that started this whole life thing. I started to do some research of sorts and something told me that the place to start was the Bible. Well, I bought one and low and behold there were the answers I had been looking for!!! In black and white. And also, I found out that if I asked God to come into my horrible life, that he would always be with me----good, bad, and everything in between, so that is just what I did. Now, the fun part of the humor thing, is that I am an Lesbian, who I felt did not really fall into the category of a christian. I guess I had always felt that it would only be for the straight kind of person,-----but not true!! God created all of us---gay, lesbian, straight, green, black and everything else you can think of---we are ALL part of his family and we are ALL his children. So, I had to learn that I could not judge anyone else for being different, because after all=========we are family and family's do for each other  }:

May God bless all who read this and all who are lost or troubled!!!

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A careful reading of 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 reveals that certain Christians in the ancient city of Corinth were able to adopt heterosexual lifestyles even though they once lived as homosexuals. How was that possible?

You are very brave! I have a friend who is gay and does not know God. I feel that maybe he's too scared to attempt to know Him or read the bible, because of what religion has instilled in everyone. It's hard to believe that God wouldn't accept someone because they are in love with the same sex, the sc<x>ripture says He loves us all. Your stories and outlook on life and situations are so inspiring and uplifting!

Yes ! we are all family<br />
<br />
AND yes he has a senses of humour, I truely believe<br />
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Being a Christian is a person who embraces Jesus Christ and his teachings in their life..... nothing about sexuality that I can see. They only part in the Bible mentioning sex, asks us to pro-create....it isn't a commandment that i can see<br />
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We all have different lives and I think he wants to see how we handle the set of cards we were dealt. I believe He is always there if we ask for His help

Thank you sweetheart !!

That`s a nice story!<br />
I`m glad that you know God now!

I so appreciate your courage and wisdom in sharing your experience. <br />
<br />
So happy you came to know the One who has always loved you from the very beginning and will always love you into eternity.<br />
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38 people viewed this story and only 3 have commented. It always amazes me when people stop to read a story of merit and then don't even comment, not even a word of thanks.<br />
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I have written a number of stories in the short time on EP and I am always blessed to read each comment. We can learn from each other that way. <br />
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My very best to you. Have a beautiful day.

Thank you so much for sharing this--you truly are a remarkable woman!<br />
(((((BIG HUGS))))) --T