Just Don't Get It

Every time I say that I'm gay, all my friends just assume that I hate men. I don't, I have plenty of guy friends, both gay and straight alike, and I love them dearly, I just don't want a relationship with them, I don't find them attractive.
The same reason a straight guy wouldn't date his guy friend is the same reason I won't date a straight guy, I'm not interested, I like girls.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a die-hard twi-hard, and I'm team Jacob and Wolfpack all the way, and it just confuses my friends how I'm so obsessed with this BOY when I like GIRLS.
It's very simple, I absolutely love taylor lautner, he's hot and sexy, and I die every time I see him on screen, but I would never be in a relationship with him, even if he got down on he's knees and begged, It's just not an attractive thought for me.

A straight guy can like girls but still hangs out with his guy friends and no one says anything, the same thing with a straight girl who hangs with her gal pals

I just hate it when people make that assumption that because I like women, I'm supposed to hate guys.

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1 Response Aug 13, 2010

Hey... I totally understand!