I Love Women ~ But I Want Men In My Life Too

I'm a lesbian that love men too.

Just differently.

My Best Friend is a man.

He's also my Older Brother too.

The longest endearing friendship I've had,

has been with a man.  20+ yrs.

He's one of the wisest souls I know.

There are men here on ep I have total respect

for and consider them a real friend.

I can also relate to men:

I Love Women Too!

WarriorMom WarriorMom
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3 Responses Mar 4, 2010

this is one of the sweetest EP stories yet... :)

You put that so well.<br />
The love I feel for others is different than the others.<br />
Once I love them, no matter what, they will always be part of my family.<br />
Thanks for sharing gryfnn.

Love crosses all the barriers--gender is just one of them. Everyone I have ever loved, male or female, has a place in my heart....It amazes me when I look back on my life at the collection of lovers that i have accumulated...and even now, new ones enter my life frequently....everything in this world is so brief---and yet, it seems that LOVE really is forever.