Love? What Is It?

Here it is.....
I am a 21 yr old college student and I have never really been in love or a real relationship...high school relationships aren't real due to the fact that, I had to sneak and see people or I only saw and talked to my "girlfriend" at school. When I got to college I was in a "relationship" but it was something that I tried to make work because she was convenient....I have a huge imagination where she was not into anything what so ever....So why is finding someone with the same similar interests without being a fangirl eccentric???? Some people say that being single means finding out about yourself and what you like and dislike...But I feel that I am past that stage and want to feel what it is like to go on a date ( which I have never been on....) and have real companionship...lonely nights and days are really lonely....But I have no idea what to do, or where to start seeing how the Lesbian population is slim to none...*sighs*
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I feel your frustration, and tell you what.. Loneliness sucks.. :(

Honestly, my experiences are the same, i have had one proper relationship i was 18, and now im 21, and my relationship lasted a year, and because we used each other mainly because we were lonely we ended hurting each other terribly, i've been alone ever since and it gets to me everyday but i'd rather wait for someone who like you said hold all my interest, sparks the passion, or be alone. Trust i am way past the getting to know myself stage, but it is how it is sometimes :/

oih and btw im 22 and have a perfect lesbian body!<3

hey im lesbian too! chat with me if u wanna hook up! kik is bears101 and email its my friends old account, hes letting me use it hope to talk to ya soon love ya sis!