Trust me, life experiences matter more than actual age. When it clicks, it does do that after all. It all depends of the women in the relations, of how they want the relationship to develop or not. Both need to be given the chance to blossom some more.
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I hate ageism because I am 18 " I don't what I am"

True hone, so true - wud love to be added if I may?

I wud like to experience with a an older woman always had younger gals

I would love to watch you in action.

Good to know that there are women out there that don't mind age differences. If you click - you click :-) Older women are more open minded sexually I have found

You are soooo correct!! Mine seem to be with women 10 years or more older or 10 years or more younger. What's up with that?? lol

i wish to be your *****-cat sweety and amde me completly woman