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I am very love with a woman, but i'm married with three children. can't bear him to touch me now............i think the woman i'm in love with is advice...............can't talk to my friends............nowhere to turn........................
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I"m totally in love with a woman 10 years younger than myself and I'm married to a man and I have a teenager. When I met her a year ago I had never been with a woman ever. She had never been with a woman either. I"m so scared I don't know what to do. Right now financial I have to stay where I"m at. I"m so scared of what my kid will think of me. My child went to christian school and has been taught that it was wrong now his mom is doing it. I"m so scared I will lose that relationship. And my husband he loves me very much he is a good man. I'm just in love with somebody else that happens to be a woman. If anybody else has been though anything like this please can you give me any advice.

Ladies its like we could start our own club! I am married and have three children but I currently live with my girlfriend but no one knows she is my girlfriend and since I moved in our relationship went from passionate to DEAD. I am moving out simply because she is so passive aggressive and ok a little background I have been married for 22 years and met a woman and feel in love with her almost immediately. I know that she wants a decision for me to divorce like last year but I dont know what I want I cant tell if its because of a comfort zone level something or other that I am keeping him around or what. But I do know that not only is she not going to push me into a decision neither is he. I have still been having sex with both of them for the past year but have withdrawn myself from this past time activity with both of them for the present because it confuses me so bad to be with her then with him and feel so freaking guilty about the whole damn thing. My oldest daughter knows about my relationship with her and also knows about the times in high school that i messed around with a girl. I asked her the other day was I happy before all this **** hit the and she said what does it matter if you used to be happy your not happy now and now is when we are living so do something about it! then she said you can stay and be unhappy for a long time or go and be unhappy for a short time until you heal and move on. (Dang my kid is smart) lol. Anyways I have really been thinking about those statements and I just told her I am moving on and taking my time to decide and like I told my husband if you dont want to wait for me and you need to be with someone else than that is your choice as well. Anyways ladies please feel free to email or message it is tough and there is not like a whole lot of places on can go to get friendly advice or talk to others who are going through the same thing. Hope you all have a great weekend I know I will I am going out as a single unattached lesbian to a club for the first time in my life and I am going to have fun!!!

I totally 'get'where you are at ... i am there too. I also have 3 children and in love with a woman (who is straight) havn't had sex in over a year with myhusband --- just can't face it. Feel free to message me. It is very tough.

women tend to understznd women, so you love her for being there for you i would think.<br />
since you hate your man and you dont want him to touch you, this is where the confusion comes from.<br />
do you see yourself physically with her?like really physically? explore your thaughts a little bit more and you will come to a CONCLUSION.