I Am A Lesbian, Married To A Wonderful Man I Love So Much

I noticed i was attaracted to both boys and girls since i was in secondary school, as we say in Nigeria. I am very shy, brought up in a strict catholic home, so you are not even allowed to have boy friends not to talk of girl lovers.

In the Boarding house, i had a lot of girls asking me to sleep wt them, i was shy so i only did it hidding. only my lovers knew what we did, we did not even need to be seen together outside. I have dated both older ladies and younger ones. i was also dating boys my age then.

Now, i am married, i love my husband because he is very open minded about certain issues. i told him my story. he even knows some of my past school days lovers because they visit once in a while. he wants to know what they do to me so he can do that too, to satisfy me more.

the problem with me is that even with all he does, i still reach out for a female to love, i still desire a female lover, and its so hard for me now as most of my lovers are married and live far from me. i realy need a married bisexual lady to play with whenever the body calls for it. but i am still as shy as i have been, and wont want to be seen doing anything outdoors with a fellow lady.

even my husband is in, whenever we see a sweet lady outside, he says things like, would you like to be alone with that babe, do u think shes cute?

i dont think its wrong to be bisexual, i think its exciting, since you can have the best of the two worlds, yet you dont feel like your cheating, my husband doesnt see it as cheating, its better than being with another man, he says. i need a bisexual lover, in lagos, Nigeria.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

would it help if he crossdressed for you?

Thats awesome you have such an open minded husband!