Started Out Its Different

Ok so my first girl on girl experience happened when I was 13. I had another one when I was 17... my grandfather is a baptist preacher, and me having a child at 15 broke his heart bad enough. I got married at 18, now I'm 21. I've not had a woman sexual expeience in almost 4years. The last 2 years has been hard on my sexuality, and lately (the last about 8 months) I'm starting to wonder if I'm fully gay....
ashleyintullahoma ashleyintullahoma
2 Responses May 9, 2012

It's been about 8 months for me as well. Since I started accepting my sexuality and my need to identify. I don't know why the label is so important but it has become a focus for me. You're not alone on this journey.

I felt like i was bisexual too. In HS i even thought i was gay, but my own insecurity and fear prevented me from really exploring it.