My Life As It Is Told

I grew up in a trouble past and made it into adulthood. I was always told as a kid by my father that it was not ok to be different. That woman had a place and that was in the kitchen cooking for their husband while having his babies. Needless to say I got married right out of hightschool, but that marriage didn't last but a few years. Married the father of my son which it only last about 5 years and now I am married for the 3rd time. I have always looked at women different and found them attractive not by just their body, but also by their closeness. I dunno I have only had one experience with the opposite sex and that was years ago, but cannot break this attraction of other women and looking at them at their beauty. I know sounds pretty boring. The problem is my entire family are brought up and are still very Bible believing people and would probably disown me and the fear of trying to explain all this to my children and the fear that if I reacted on my feelings that I may take the chance at losing my children. I have always wondered what a relationship would be like with a woman, but have always had fear keeping me back. I know I am attractive to them, but have never reacted to my feelings. I know kind of a boring story :(....
Sarah3789 Sarah3789
36-40, F
Jul 28, 2012