I Wish You All The Best

I joined this group because I lived this lie for 11 yrs. I hated who I was. The lying to other people I loved just to make them happy. I hated hated myself. I came out after suicide was looking good. I could not live another day like that. I hope each and everyone of you will someday find your true self. it's worth it. My daughter was 11 when i left my ex and she hated me for awhile but now she is 24 and said shes glad I did do whats best for me. Because she knew I was unhappy too. its rubs off on everyone. good luck girls.
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Forgot to mention iam in the dating game. I was in 3 ltr relationships ( 1 man 2 women) so I have not been single since 198 7know what?? I wish I would of done this instead of being with a man the first time.) AND my daughter NOW is behind me and even gives me pointers. lol

I dont think I have contemplated suicide, but I have (please dont laugh) thought something along the lines of faking my death. I know...crazy...I day dream too much. Thats probably my problem. :(

Thanks! I know you are right... The unhappiness does rub off on everybody.

No one should ever live a lie. We need to do a better job raising our children to be true to themselves and accept them unconditionally so they don't grow up living a fake life. Thank you for sharing