Married To The Man Of My Dreams Fantasising About The Girl Of My Dreams

I am 27 years old and married to the man of my dreams. I love him to death and he makes me really happy except for the fact that I keep fantasising about girls. I don't look at girls and think wow she is sexy or hot or anything like that, I still look at men that way. I just had some small experiences with girls when I was younger and ever since I cannot get rid of the fantasies. I do not know why but all I want is to kiss a girl. However I'm not a cheater but I have actually thought about meeting someone and keeping it a complete secret of course. Only problem is, I don't think I will be able to go through with it as my conscience will haunt me. Yet I cannot get rid of the fantasies and it is really starting to get worse.
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I am kind of going through the same thing, only, I did experience being with a girl, and I have had to keep it a secret, and it is the hardest, most painful thing I have ever done. I cheated on my husband, and I will never forgive myself for that. The worst part is that the experience didn't clear any feelings up for me. If anything I am more confused after the fact, than I was before. I guess what i am trying to say is that sneaking around doesn't help the situation. If you want to avoid feeling like , just be honest about your feelings and DON'T CHEAT!

Thank you for sharing this, I mean I can’t begin describing how much it's hard to live a life where a certain kind of experience especially during our younger state alters so much of our perception. However, you should never neglect the fact of actually going through it and naturally the things that you carry along the way because of it.
Being with a woman itself has a very intense anatomy I highly doubt any individual wouldn't experience even if a minor state of fantasies here and there. You probably have been with your husband for quite some time now, maybe it’s a lack of excitement. Maybe it's not but what i can tell you is it will always be there if you don't give it a shot. Cheating, and being curious towards this certain criteria has a thin line after-all. Not that I would encourage having an affair, but being sexually distraught is one thing and just cheating for the hell of it is something else. These things engage with a larger magnitude than you would usually expect. Never underestimate this type of oddity, might change your life. Best of luck dear.