Hurry Someone Give Me A Barf Bag!

I don't think I'm an attractive person and never expect to be on the receiving end of the come hither look when in public but when that does happen for me, if it's done in the right way, I'm all for it. But it's so often NOT done in the right way.

I have been observing that there seems to be a seasonal phenomenon to this and, my god, I am so sick of being leered at by men in the most obnoxious, arrogant, way. It's as if, at certain times of the year, the primitive, ape like knuckled dragger's sense some pheromones in the air and BAM! They're leering at anything that walks by that even remotely resembles a female. Some of them are better looking than others, some are simply disgusting, but they all seem to be born with the same look that is supposed to be designed to communicate a feeling of attraction but they don't seem to realize that it doesn't actually say anything about their attraction to anyone else, what it really say is "hey you, look at me. I'm so hot aren't I?! You know you want me. I know you want me, because who wouldn't". That probably combined with some really disgusting thoughts that im glad in not privy to.

And I'm supposed to think that's attractive?!!!

Is anyone else having this experience or is it just me?
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their is a seinfeld episode which describes this perfectly. I laugh every time: Jerry explains to Elaine that men see a beautiful woman and all these thoughts go through their head and they decide that the BEST possible way to get her attention is to honk the horn and wave. you really should watch the show, i can't do it justice but it really was insightful to me on how men think. it's like, REALLY?!

Thanks, ill look it up. Really?! Sounds just like my response too.

I'm hearing ya!! Nothing less attractive:( pass the bag when your done!

Hi, I have noticed this too. But, the same time I think that it s sort of normal...mmm...for men? Women built in much more complex way ( that s why I prefere them to men, I guess) . To be "turned on" we need to recieve much more complex "emotional cocktail". We need to go trough amotional and verbal contact before anything eals can possible happened. The guys some how think that the only thought about their manhood must turn us on.
I m not sure if you'r actually gay, but I know many straight girls to whome this animal behaviour actually appeal a lot... so the "manhood " message does get through at least to some wemen...
But I agree with you,and this staff does get on my nerves too, even thou, it does not happened to me too much this days sinse I began to "come out" and dress in more comfortable for me soft butch way...

At this point in my life I'm pretty sure that I'm 100% gay. When I was younger I felt experimental about my sexuality but the older I've gotten the more disgusting men and their behavior are to me.

As Cognitive wrote, even when my husband looks at me or touches me I feel revolted and violated. It's just not welcome in any way. I love him. Just not in that way.

When women flirt with me it is totally different. Even that subtle eye to eye contact that says yeah, I know you're "family". It's not obnoxious or aggressive or violating.

I don't dress to please anyone either. I like to be comfortable yet neat. I don't wear makeup. I wear practical glasses. And Im not fat but i could be thinner. So I'm always stunned when anyone looks at me twice. That's why I think these men are just experiencing raging hormones and would look at anything.

Totally agree with everything... Wow, before I've got on experience project I was boiling in my own juices, thinking that I was the only one with this problem. It s so comforting to talk to others on the same subject!
There is so much more about wemen that appeal to me really. The inner strength ,the way they catch the meaning of something even before it was turned into words, the way they love and let to love them... I can go forever and ever.... :) But the most important is to be accepted and encouraged without constant battle to "fit in the public box".
I love my huseband and love our family time together, but after being intimate with him I feel physically sick and disgusted. But being with women is so different. I intuitively " know what and how to". At this moments I am not just exist, I really live.

Yes! I feel the same way after being physically intimate with my husband. I forced myself to do it for years but then I realized that I don't HAVE to. So, now I just don't do it.

To not just exist, but to really live, that is a worthy quest! And something I hope to do myself some day.

you guys have described my life... so nice to know we're all not alone, right? I silently want to vomit every time my husband touches me. He just doesn't get it.

How unfair that very often the confidence comes with experience... Only not many of us has been lucky enough not to go all the way down to the wrong direction to discover the obvious. Luckily this mistake isn't irreversible. I recently got a mantra which does help me a lot when the things with my husband go bad: "I am not forgetting anything, but prefer not to notice till the time is right."

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This made me giggle :) I just spent an hour at the gym- I made eye contact with a man in my spin class and he must have thought I had the hots for him!
It must be a normal thing??? Men undressing woman with there eyes?
I've always been sickened by it....even when I caught my own husband doing it to me!!!! I feel so violated!
Thanks for the giggles :)

I'm glad I made you giggle. :)