I've been married to the love of my life, my best friend, for almost 15 years. We have four children. I came out to him a little over a year ago, and I've since come out to some close friends. Since I came out to him, my relationship with my husband has been platonic. We still experience a great deal of intimacy through talking, raising our children together, and sharing experiences, but there is no sex.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm not in a loveless relationship like so many of those I see represented here. This makes it so very difficult to be my true self, to feel whole and love fully. We have no plans to divorce because we're still happy together, as friends. And I honestly can't imagine being in a better relationship with someone else.

So what do I do? Inertia is the easiest thing, but it hurts my heart.
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Hi there, Im brand new at this too, and feel so chuffed that I can share my story. I just posted mine now, so hopefully will also get some advice. I too am married, my husband wants me back very badly. I wish I was in your position, as I miss his friendship. Well done. Read my story, and tell me what u me, you must follow your sound like a fabulous person

Like my therapist told me yesterday- you have a choice. It depends on what kind of future you want, what you believe in, how long you can live alone inside? It's not an impossible situation. What do you want?
I can't imagine never being intimate with a woman, never having someone to truly love someone to love me.
Be at peace.