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This is my first post in this group.... so hey lovely ladies, I'm Julie, I'm 31 but look like I'm in my early 20's haha (at least that's what every single person I meet tells me)...... Anyway I've been engaged for over 6 years now, we have 2 daughters, and he is the most perfect man a woman could ever have, I think so anyway..... there's not a thing in the world he wouldn't do for me, I love him very much........ but then comes the questions am I really in love with him...? I wanna say yes, but how can I think of nothing but wanting to be with a woman, and the thought of that turns me on SO much more than he has in quite a while, years..... When we got together 7 years ago he knew I was bi-sexual, but really wasn't ok with me flirting with ladies and such, which I understand, he wanted me all to himself and I fell for him. I constantly think of being with a woman, in any kind of sense.... sexual, casual, flirtful, whatever...... He isn't too keen on the idea of letting me have a girlfriend on the side, nor adding a woman to our relationship, and I wish he was...... Anyway, I suppose this is just my way of venting and finding some like minded ladies...... Thanks for letting me share my story, now I'm on to read some of all yours!! :-)
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I've been married for 25 plus years to the same woman and in that time we've been in and out of love oodles of times, that's why I'm leary of the idea of being "in love" that changes and cycles. I'm not saying I don't know what you mean, it's just my opinion that too many people get confused by the media ideal of being in love, that's a total farce and fantasy just my opinion.

This situation really calls for total honesty, just have a few drinks, start talking with him and llisen to what he says if you can get him to open up about what his fears are I almost bet it's because he feels he'll lose you to another woman, a guy has no way to compete with that but the reality is first you have to be honest with yourself, could you stay with him and just have a woman on the side, would that make you happy?

If the answer is yes and it's just sex then I think you should just sit him down and explain it's just sex, if the answer is you really want a total relationship with a woman, one that could in fact replace him then you need to be honest with yourself about that because that's probably what he's afraid of.

Just don't bury this stuff or you'll end up making both your lives miserable, if it's just sex I bet you can convince him, all you have to do is put it that way, guys understand that.

Good luck!

A bisexual woman needs an open marriage, i think. Being unable to have something can cause the desire for it to grow in ways that overshadows other desires - not always healthy.

How does hubby feel about ****? Watching suggesting movies, and moving toward some soft **** (and even hard **** if you can both enjoy it) might open up ideas to talk about and stir up desires in him as well.

I know that I would absolutely love it if my wife wanted to be with other women. She has fool around a little with another girl, but that was really for my benefit. She does enjoy playing from the waist up, but isn't really into eating another girl, but ill take whatever entertainment she will give me. In your case I think you should just give in to your desires and have some fun with a girl on the side, with out your husband knowing. You only get one life, and you don't want to regret not doing anything, or worse, resenting your husband for not letting you. I wouldn't even think of it as cheating, since it is with another girl and you are doing things that you cant do with your man. Live your life your way & have some fun....

Right on, thank you! :-)