Forced Into Marriage

im now 24 years a kuwaiti the age of 23 my parents forced me into marrying a guy idont know and never ever met him in my whole life..they think that they are doing the right thing for me..every women should get married , have kids and make her husband happy..not getting married will make them sad and unproude of me no matter what ido..on the wedding night iwas going to run away but my mother begged me not the age of 20 imet the love of my life..a girl..ilove her and she loves me we lived the best two years of our lifes..the happist time of our lives..our life was perfect until my dad said a man came asking for my hand..isaid no and a million no and he said you have no right in this manner ur a child and when u grow up u will thank us..they took me away from the person ilove..he have sex with me every night and icry..ialways tell him ihave my period ..but he knows im lying..itake birth control pills cuz idont wanna carry his girlfriend the love of my life is holding on with me and not letting me go..she knows ihave no one but her..she knows icannot do anything..each day something inside of me dies..the fear of losing the person ilove and the fear of going insane..being forced into marrying a man while ur a lesbian is the hardest..the smell of his body makes me sick..every time isee him iwish ican kill him..sometimes ipray at night that he dies in his sleep just so ican live my life with the women ilove..i'v bee a lesbian since iwas born and ihad my first lesbian sex at the age of 13..but my parents took everything ilove away from me..

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Ahlann,laish matgulenla ench taben ti6lgain?no one has the right to tell you how to love life intay tshufen ench intay happier with a girl ne with the girl,76ela sbab y6lgch www latithygain thinking ahalch byz3lon lna sorry bs ahalch mafkraw feech youm 76ooch ib that position youre basically getting raped :)

OMG I'm so sorry lovely and i wish your time will come and you will be free again.. I'll pray for you and it breaks my heart to read this story.. hung in there:(((

Hi from Dubai. <br />
I'm so sorry darling I wish your husband like lesbians also so you will have the greet live.<br />
Big kiss

Hi from Dubai. <br />
I'm so sorry darling I wish your husband like lesbians also so you will have the greet live.<br />
Big kiss

You are being raped by your husband every night. Sometimes life and the pursuit of happiness takes you completely against your parents wishes. You must escape and find isolation from everyone and let your true love nurse the pain of your families shame. When time has passed hopefully your parents will come around. It will not be easy but you will be lead further into unhappiness and depression if you don't. Not to mention your husband may get violent for your lack of effort in the relationship being forced upon you.

Muslims Girls You Have To Pay For It What You Are Doing Here IN this world ...<br />
Lesbianism is Prohibited in Islam .... And At the day on Judgement ALLAH will ask you ...

Cool story bro

I know this is way late but I just read your story and I must say I'm glad things have worked out for you. I hope you and your girl friend are having a wonderful life together.

im so sad for are things going for you now?

im sorry i just read my story and i cired..<br />
<br />
god i was really in pain and hurting that much<br />
<br />
thank you god for helping me through this time

im so happy now..i got my life back and my parents know that i own my own life now and they cannot force me agine..<br />
<br />
thank god that phase of my life is over...the worst year and half of my life..<br />
<br />
im still with my baby thank you allah..i love her

Great to hear that. hope you two have a happy life together :)

I'm from Kuwait as well, if you need anything, keep in touch.

i am a 24 year old muslim lesbian living in the uk. My mother is trying to force me to marry aswell but i can never love a man. When i read your story it really touched me. <br />
<br />
You need to get away from that culture, and be with the one you love xx

you should work at getting up enough money to run away with your girlfriend. then you and her can begin you're own life together. i'm so sorry this has happened to you. i give my support and hope that you can figure out a way to be happy. completely happy. with her.

Hey guys i just wanted to tell everyone on the 27th of april igot my freedom..i got divorced..I begged Him to let me go..becase he saw lesbian pics in my he was shocked and divorced me and never said any thing about the pics.. im back with the love of my life thank you god

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope and i wish you can figure it out and be happy with the person you love. <br />
Big hug!

thx for the support you guys..ijust wanted to get it out of my chest..icant talk to anyonr but my girlfriend about my pain..and we deserve alittle happy time so istopped making her sad with me being sad all the time..ihope what im writking makes sense..LOL..thx for the support

I am so sorry to hear this. It is hard to believe that in this day and age this kind of horrible thing happens. I wish I could do something to help you, as I know we all do. My warm thoughts are with you. Peace be to you. Charis.xX

Religion is the bane of humanity

Your story has so much pain in it. I wish there was something I could do to help you.