A Lonely Life

I Am a Lesbian Married to a Man. I don't think I believed that 16 yrs ago when I married him. But it's true.I have been with 2 women in my life. One the love of my life and the other was so exciting it was hard to understand. But both were before I married my husband...and in the last 16yrs has become more religious and thinks that part of my life we just don't talk about or think about and it will go away. Most of my family and fiends knew the 2 women and really liked them so I'm out to every one (Even my 2 grown daughters)...except to my husband... it's like not admitting who or what I am.

We don't have a sex life because i just don't seem to be turned on by him and long to be with a woman again. And at my age I wouldnt even know where to begin...

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Hi. I'd be interested in corresponding with you, but I have no idea how. I'm new to this. Can you contact me somehow? My name on here is Sfrjet. Hope to hear from you. My first posting on this site was today, July 10th.

I am so happy that I acted on my desires and am enjoying an amazing experience with a wonderful woman. I've been married for over 20 years but always felt unfulfilled. I fell for a woman 17 years ago and I didn't act on it and went on and on longing for something that seemed unattainable. Two years ago I met a woman who was equally attracted to me and we clicked. I took a chance and asked her out. I had my first fully satisfying sexual experience with her...at the age of 41. We're trapped in our respective situations and can't be together all the time; perhaps one days we will be. But for now we are loving each other when we can and enjoying every minute. I wish you all the best. It's never too late.

Dear Lesbian Married to a Man,<br />
You are not alone. I discovered my same-gender sexuality when I was 44. I spoke with more than 100 women as well as their husbands, friends, and children and tThat led me to write the groundbreaking book "Married Women Who Love Women." The second edition came out this past June. You can read about it on www.erols.com/carrens <br />
I hope your journey will be an easy one.<br />
In sisterhood,<br />
Carren Strock

Of course not the same but I had to start over at 46 (almost 4 years ago) when I became a widow. You put one foot in front of the other and before you realize it you are walking. You also have the support of family and friends. It's never too late to start over and it's never too late to follow your heart. Good Luck.

Run before it's too late. The world doesn't end tomorrow, it ends in the next five minutes and you have only now to capture your dreams, before it's too late.