Difficult Situation

I am a lesbian maried to a wonderful man and father of my 11 year old son.  I have been married for almost 14 years and until 6 months ago have put the thoughts of women out of my mind until I met a wonderful woman.  We met at a local straight club having a girls night out with the moms in my neighborhood.  There she was with her cousin dancing and having a good time.  I looked up our eyes met and I knew it was all over.  she gave me her number I called her the next day.  We had coffee during the week and could not stop taking.  We had so much in common.  We met on the wekend and the sex was amazing.  I fell in love immediately.  I told my husband and he was shocked but allowed it to go on for awhile.  It got too much to handle.  So after about 4 months I broke it off.  We did not talk for 6 weeks.  My husband is a great guy.  We are so involved in our community.  I just know I could never come out.  My ex is a so in your face butch lesbian that she would want me to com out at some point and I know I never could.  My family would not ever accept me, they are strict catholics.  We met up again and I really love her but I know I can never leave my husband at least for right now.  How can I cope.

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You can be who you are: married as a lesbian, married as a bisexual, married and straight, as an unmarried lesbian, as an unmarried bisexual and unmarried and straight.

Well, simply put you cant and shoudnt cope , it would change you as a person , you have to make a choice one life our the other not easy i9 but that is the jist of it .....

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I'm so sorry you have to face this decision. I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm with you, hon, really.