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I am not lesbian, nor am I a mother, but I saw this group and I couldn't help but take a look and write a quick note.  I just want to say, I think you all are awesome!  Society as a whole, especially in some parts of the world, is so Homophobic that it seems like many people never come out, or have children, because they are afraid of what people might do to them.  I think it is wonderful that you all are not only out, but are providing loving homes for children.  I salute you, and wish you nothing but the best in all that you do.  Thank you for doing the bravest thing that anyone, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or anything else can do--being yourself!
Avice Avice
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I'm with Avice on this -Ladies I applaud you, I might be straight but I sure not narrow-minded!

I am a single mom and a few months ago I started a relatioship with a wonderful women who makes me happy. I was afraid to tell anyone because I knew my family wouldn't accept it but I decided to tell my sister since we have always been very close and I thought she would support me. What happened was the complete opposite, she told me she was disgusted by me. She said she could not believe I was going to harm my daughter like this and that she would do anything to keep my daughter away from this. My partner is very loving and my daughter really likes her, I even feel like she is happier when she is around us but my sister constantly calls me and has comments like these. I don't see me hurting my daughter in any way but her words do hurt me. I want to know other lesbian mother's experiences. Thank you


That is great of you to say. I saw the begining of the post and thought that I was going to have to lace into someone. But I was pleased that it was a possitive message! God bless and thank you!

Lesbian mothers rock! Beign a mother is a tough job on it's own...when you add the societal pressures and homophobia,it leaves me with nothing but respect for these women who are bold enough to take the plunge

No problem! I know it's got to be hard dealing with cruelty and ignorance from time to time, and I think you all are amazing. You deserve all the support in the world!

Wow!. Thank you. You have no idea how that feels to get support like that.

I Agree!