"Mummy, Are You Gay ?"

Son  "Mummy, are you gay?"

Me  "If I am Gay, would that be okay with you sweety?"

Son  "Yes Mum, I just want you to be inlove. Thats okay Mummy."


Asked me this when he was 5-6 years old.   What a beautiful little boy.

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Wow the same my boy now he's 18 and his total support we have nice boys ;)

Innocent and sweet one!!

my mum is who she my mum. being with another woman dont make her bad or differrant. she still is and always will be a great mum

Thanks for your replies everyone. All the very best to you all!

That's really cute. :)

Thanks for your comments! <br />
I havnt been here for so long, nice to come back to these lovely comments. <br />
It is tricky with him, and discussing the Gay issue is<br />
ignored and prefered not talk about now by him, but it is great he loves and appreciates my partner and her children. <br />
I think if its a loving environment, loving all round, when LOVE in the home it always shines through, and helps kids to deal with it easier. <br />
Less dramas, worried, challenges they have to face the better it is for them! A LOVING open home is the answer. xx<br />
All the best everyone!

this is the most beautiful thing i've read all day. makes me tear up a little.<br />
<br />
if the rest of the world was as loving and understanding as your son, we'd have a much happier planet.<br />
<br />
you're very fortunate to have such an amazing little boy :]

My son is 5 and goin on 6 in june and im just waiting for that day to come. Im scared in a way but im not. We have been living with my girlfriend for almost 2 years so he has been around us but that conversation has not aroused. I hope he is as understanding as your son.

Thanks guys, yeah he's awsome. Has his ups and downs with it, but he seems to be coping okay with my sexuality. Thanks for your gorgeous comments. Mwahhh xx

he's a lucky boy to have a mum like you...<br />

oh the innocence of children is so beautiful isnt it? They just want everyone to be happy and they dont care where you get that happiness........... sounds like a very cool little man.