Twice Married Mom of Four

I am a lesbian mom.  I have always been attracted to women and knew this from the age of 12.  But as it would go back in the 80's, being gay was not what was accepted in my peer group.  So society ruled and I ended up married and having my first baby at 19.  My  next at 21.  Then I divorced b/c my husband was unfaithful. I remarried again quickly to a man I met in college, we were both in the nursing program.  I got pregnant early on and then we had another quickly.  we divorced after 7 years because he was also unfaithful. I dated a woman and I couldnt believe how immediately I knew this was the right decision for me.  I suddenly felt like it "fit" I truly "belonged" where I was.  It was so incredibly natural and easy for me.  Being with men had never been that way.  So that is how its been.  I kept it secret for a long time and then last fall I told my children, ages 18,17,15, and 11.  They are all amazingly supportive and just want me to be happy.  I am so grateful and blessed to have kids that accept me and love me for who I am.  Thats my story.  However networking and support are difficult to find so I am so happy that I found this site!

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Nice my son is 18 and is total ok wiht me his like mom u have to be happy no metter with who the all I whant he's my angel

I am so happy u can b urself around ur kids.

Awwwwwww yayyyyyyy so happy that you and your kids can have that kind of relationship. Hugggggggssssss if you ever need to talk im never far away :-)

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aniother bisexual father .. i guess you're so lucky for such kids .. i wish in one day can tell my wife about waht i like to be .. good luck and wish you all the best

I am a bisexual father... no ones know my secret and for me is still a difficult topic.