How It Came To Me That Im Gay In My Eyes, Btu Straight In Everyone Else's

It happed 4 days ago, whne my friend told me his same situation... then it all just dawned on me... That I am a girl and a mans body, but i was still attracted to girls. All my life ive liked girl clothes and fashions, accessories and such. I live in Canada where being gay is common, but my situation is a tad differnt.. alot of friends i've told right away are understanding adn able to accept me for who I am... Where it gets intense is... i have a girlfriend who is straight... I told her this right away of course to share it wit hsomeone special to me.. now she feels as though a girl is touching her... only thing is she is now 7 months pregnant, and we are in love. This changes everything.. four days later she made love to me for the 1st time after she found out, and she feels like she can be with me still, but now tht i know this truth about myself, im no longer depressed, need to use DXm (which brought out my true self while under the influnce, so i wa an addict) ive bee nclean for a week and feel high on life, adn full. likei found inner peace. I just hope she doesn't change her mind, cause i couldnt live with that, also my family disowned me ocmpletely. but i have my girlfriedn whom i love to death, if that we're to end, i know i'd take my life, but lets pray to god it doesnt go like that... I just thought that people would like to know that there is a way for us to bew happy... to find a girl and know that love over powers anything... my gf is straight going out wit ha lesbian... i am liking my body cause i like to pleasure girls with my penis.... so i dont plan on chaning my appeaance or wearing girl close... just beign more in touch with my girl, and fashion... thanks for reading
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Interesting situation dear and I can relate to a number of your feelings, especially being a woman with a man's body, but I told my wife when we were dating that and how I felt and it excited her. Not only did she understand, but she was supportive and encouraging. I have transitioned and live together as a lesbian couple. We talked about SRS but she loves that little difference between us, I having a penis.
I would love to hear about how things have gone for you and your girlfriend. How about an update?