The True Lesbian In Me

yes ever since i can remember i wanted to be a girl but was still atracted to girls in a sexual way even though i am a girl im traped in this cage called a boys body i cant get out without having sugery so thats going to have the sugery as soon as i can but now that im 13 ive learned that im a true lesbo i dont deni it
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1 Response Mar 2, 2012

I understand and yes I have had the same or at least very similar feelings since I was your age which was about when I found out was lesbian and gay ment. Of course SRS would be great, but it has always been beyond me financially. But once I accepted myself and started living as a woman I found that it didn't so much matter what was between my legs and I found people accepted me simply as a woman too. Just be proud and accept yourself ... sure there will be those who won't, but that is their problem, and those that really matter will accept you simply because you are yourself.