Lesbian Here In Mans Body

All my life I have felt this way...Wanted to be a woman but love other woman...I thought I was the only one in the world like this....
sirvince sirvince
56-60, M
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Sorry sirvince (strange name for somebody who relates to being female), you are not unique, just one of millions. Welcome to the club.

Stand in line lol no cutting!

You're definitely not the only one in the world like this. I don't know about you but I like that I can admire a woman in a way another woman does as well how a man does. This double sight is a blessing a kind of double-sight. :)

OK me to let me tell you my story.

every since i was 5 i never felt like i was in the right body i was always a outcast among boys i was always considered one of the girls and at the age of 9 it hit me i want to be a girl. I still love girls and they love me, everybody knows I want to be a girl, They also know that i want to be a lesbian, am what someone would call a male lipstick lesbian(meaning I want to be a feminine women and i want a feminine women). I am GIRL CRAZY every girl in my school likes me. I have been keeping a close eye on a girl in my school, and I think she is doing the same to me

I'm a male lipstick lesbian too. :) I set this group up for people like us:-