Same Here..

Im gay trapped in a woman's body.. I always know Im a guy,I act like it..but I realize why Im not attracted to the same sex, though I feel like a man, I still like men,, Gays to be exact,,since I cant have them,, I'll settle down for bi's// :)
Irahh Irahh
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 30, 2012

I love women, I'm a lez trapped in a mans body too. I think about older women sexualy nearly all the time.

Yes Irahh, You are correct we will always know we a guys, But is so nice when we allow ourselfs to be what makes us feel good. As for myself i realy feel great when i get dressed up
I to love woman alot ,I respect a alot thoughts. As for sex well how do I say wooo they sure get me hot.To smell, kiss, talk and hold a woman is so nice.But i have always had the female side of me. sometimes i make myself laugh as my inside female voice tells me how to act and some of thing she tells me what to do, but i do it and enjoy it alot

its same for me except im a girl in a guy body that like other girls