Change Me

Amazing. I have known since I was young that I was born with the wrong body. I'm attracted to women and I live as a woman but I look like a man. I have been waiting for some philanthropist to pay for a sex change. Those things are expensive. I so much need to change this body into something glamorous.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Not looking like a man is more about work than money. I've seen post-op women who look as much like a man as my brothers, thinking that the operation was all it would take. I've also met pre-op and non-op women who still had all the parts they were born with but you'd swear they were natal females.

It's all in the way you take care of yourself. Keep concealer over any stubble you may have, pick a hair style (or a wig if you don't have much natural hair to work with) that will deemphasize your more masculine features, and the right bra can do wonders, especially if you have enough flesh in your chest (i.e. flab or you were blessed with gynecomastia) to move around.