Bi-gender Or Merged Twins

I posted this story a couple other places but I figured it worked here too enjoy.

Ok so I am a Bi-gender male, and while over thinking which I do alot. I realized a better way to describe what we are, that doesn't make it sound like a mental disorder. We are twins, that for some reason didn't split apart.

Instead we merged, and the only thing left of our twin, is it's mind. We share one brain, and one body. To use a S&M metaphor with Dominate and Submissive. The Dom twin got the body, but the less identified mind, the Sub Mind if you will. While the Sub body was lost, the Sub Mind however took over the Dom Mind roll, because it had lost everything else, except maybe a few features on the Dom body.

Dom body=Sub Mind, how we only partially feel.
Sub body=Dom Mind, how we really feel.

Like I said I over think a lot, guess that's what happens when you have two brains, neither of them want to shut the **** up. Anyway, let me know what you think if you are Bi-Gender or know a Bi-Gender. I would be curious to others thoughts and opinions.
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<p>Hi <br />
thank for your post :)<br />
I feel like I have a conscious mind (either male, or female ) and an unconscious one (which is the opposit gender) and they switch occasionaly. Whenever I express myself as male, my sub-conscious becomes female and vice versa... <br />
Thats pretty smililar to what you wrote, I guess... thuogh I dont think I can say I partially feel that way or another. I think I have opposing desires which are both whole, and I need to work out how they can exist in harmony, like finding a common cause (like being a good person, no matter what gender I am) and working on that :) <br />
have a nice weekend,<br />

I think being bi-gendered is just what it is - you don't have a fixed setting for gender, you have a toggle switch. And why should everyone have a fixed setting anyway? Why should it be assumed that its for life? Why can't we change it every day according to our mood or the weather or some obscure monthly schedule?

I have a favourite quote about this from Iain M. Banks's book The Player Of Games:

"Marain, the Culture's quintessentially wonderful language (so the Culture will tell you), has, as any school-kid knows, one personal pronoun to cover females, males, in-betweens, neuters, children, drones, Minds, other sentient machines, and every life-form capable of scraping together anything remotely resembling a nervous system and the rudiments of language (or a good excuse for not having either). Naturally, there are ways of specifying a person's sex in Marain, but they're not used in everyday conversation; in the archetypal language-as-moral-weapon-and-proud-of-it, the message is that it's brains that matter, kids; gonads are hardly worth making a distinction over."

Or as Captain Jack Harkness put it in Torchwood : "You people and your quaint little categories"

We are complex individuals. Some of us will choose to have simpler gender and sexual paths than others, but none of us are cast in stone upon arrival in my opinion - its all complicatedly tied up with genetics and environment and free will, and there really shouldn't be a "Right" and a "Wrong" here.

Personally, I find I go maleish for my female partners, while I tend to be more femaleish for my male partners, but sometimes I just flip that too for no really discernable reason. Go figure. :)

I always just thought i was a lesbian trapped in a mans body.. Gives me something to think about. Thanks

You might want to check out another members story, , a lot of what they posted, was pretty accurate with me.

Thanks... That was a good post

Oh my god you said this perfectly I've been struggling to try and define my situation for a long time now, and this does a great job. Thank you for posting this. Feel free to message me if you want to talk about stuff.

Thank you for the kind words. Yea there is not a whole lot of research into this, either they think you are confused, or crazy. Modern science hasn't quite figured out all the things that go on in the mind.