Perching Lightly

My house doesn't fit me anymore.

There is an air of solidity and permanence about it. As if everything is made out of two-by-fours and bolted to the floor. Carefully thought out and planned. Which it was.

I no longer inhabit my house with heavy-footed confidence. Rather, I perch lightly in the framework created during my old life. I do not sit on the comfortable furniture. I sit on my bed, with a lap desk and my laptop. There I read, write in my journal, surf the net, work on my blog, and listen to music.

I do not plan my activities - I let things happen or not. A loose weave of things that I can adapt to the events of the day, and how I feel.

Sometimes I long for the comfort of my old life, and the security of knowing what I will be doing every day. But I am not sure I can ever feel that way again.
sdbear sdbear
Aug 1, 2010