Giving Up The Hope Of Happiness

Can you be happy if you do not hope for it? In fact it is more the converse. In order not to be unhappy, you have to give up the hope of happiness. Unhappiness stems from the longing for that which you think will make you happy.

This is a lesson that is learned only because the alternative is worse.

When the person who is the source of your happiness dies, you have only a few choices:

Re-live in your mind, the happy past, and endure the terrible pain of grief and loss
Find a replacement for your loved one
Make a new and different life without your loved one

I have done all of the above, at different times, in repeating cycles, over the last five months.

I have tried very hard to make a new life for myself, but retained the hope I would find another person to love, and be happy once more. That hope is also the source of despair. And in bad times, leads me back to re-living the past.

I am stronger now, and I think I can withstand giving up the hope of happiness.
sdbear sdbear
Aug 11, 2010