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I remember my first girl crush, it had started out in the 7th grade when I fell in love with her eyes and time grew on, I kept getting more and more attracted to her. We had done a few movies in that grade based on how you would feel about your body, knowing you would like the opposite sex soon and so on. I this I thought was all included, I thought to myself, " Well, all girls will probably like girls just like I feel right now" I never knew what a lesbian was untill we where takeing Family Life in Gr.8 and it had explained to me AND a classroom of girls what a lesbian truely was. I knew that this was the right fit for me. I knew in my head that I no longer liked men and I only had a likeing for women. I thought it was normal and that every girl was like this, that some of them where Bisexual and some of them where Lesbians ( honestly I was a real ditz back then)

That was not the case. When my teacher asked, how may of us felt like this, I immedatly rased my hand thinking that everyone else would, but they didn't. As I went onto Gr.9, everything got worse. I had a girlfriend and most of the girls in that school did not like that. They would tease me and call me lezbo, which didn't get under my skin, but what did, was when they would throw food at me and tell me to die. It was really, really rough trying to hide my identity. I had to choose my friends carefully and even the best friends could become my worst enemie in an instant. My way of thinking ahead before I told them I was a lesbian, would to ask them if they where okay to be around lesbians. If they whern't, I would tell them that that was too bad, if they where then I would tell them in private and ask them not to say anything to anyone else.

Friends where the least thing I had on my mind, it was really hard just to keep them. I swiched from 6 diffrent schools before I even got to graduate from school, and even then, I had to make new friends in collage. And that's where I am now today.
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I am a feminine guy and despise males (I shave all my body hair for example), but I don't do anything remotely close to what is called a 'transgender' (In fact, I just like to display and emphasize the natural female in me). I love femininity. Also, I love when women appreciate the femininity in me as well without thinking I am a gay guy. You just have the right to be happy :)

Old? lol Nah. What is time but a simultaneous occurrence of events? The present is where your heart wants to be. That's how we can live in hell or in happiness (some ppl never get over hell bc they either choose to stay there or need someone else's support to get out of it). I choose to live in happiness, and your story makes me smile. It's totally 2012 :)

idlewatcher is just pissed that girls are better than boyz! haha! =D<br />
but I still don't think it is a morally right relationship to engage in.....however, I don't really think being heterosexual is all that moral either....if I were still a virgin, i'd still be happy.....=/

how rough was high school after people foud out?

Appreciate the story - people can use your "admission" as a foundation for their own personal struggles :)<br />
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If I may ask a completely unbiased question as I have yet to understand the mechanics of this, but why is it the gay community insists on letting everyone know they are gay? I am all for equal rights for homosexuals, but I'm still kind of stuck on how homosexuals feels a passionate need to alert the world to their sexual preference.<br />
<br />
Please indulge me as I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for sharing your story.<br />
I hope life is better for you as an adult.<br />
I know kids can be so cruel.