A Lesbian Soldier

broken heart well im a soldier in army.yes i am a lesbian.but seems everyone woman i date finds out im army soldier they are ok for minute.they fall in love with my uniform.but once they all find out that i am being shipped out to war they leave.so i went to iraq for few years.and was a pow there. seems as soon as they heard im going to iraq.they said goodbye and left me.seems no one loves me.that woman dont want me anymore.so this lesbian soldier feels alone unloved or wanted.in my heart i keep wishing that maybe someone here could want me or handle me being in military
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you say you were a POW in iraq, that is a lie. they leave because you are a liar.

Reading this, i felt your sadness and longing for someone.....i wish I can give you a hug... ) ;

Reading this, i felt your sadness...and longing for someone. I wish I can give you a hug..... ) ;

what happen to u. why wmn dont want date u.

Hi i read your story some days ago and thought i have to answer. But i didn't have much time then and i didn't want to answer in a hurry. So now i am doing with more time and i see more people commented on your story.<br />
<br />
The first thing i thought was: Ooohhh no, don't give up<br />
(When i read your comment).<br />
To my opinion your girlfriend(s)??? doesn't /don't left you because she/they don't want you.<br />
I think they left because you had to go to iraq. I guess it's the same with heterogeneous relationships. When people hear that their partner has to go to war they might be scared to lose their loves and so it's easier to quit sb and not beeing hurting so much if it happens and you hold to your partner. Perhaps they take the choice with the less pain? Did you talked with any male soldier who break over with their girlfriends? Perhaps it helps to hear that you weren't the only one who was left by someone when going to iraq. And even at long distance relationship sometimes people leave each other without trying it. So what i wanted to say is, all points:<br />
The fact <br />
-that you went to iraq (long distance, can't see you)<br />
-she doesn't know how long u have to be there (or do you know it when your are send to iraq???)<br />
-when she will talking to you the next time, hear anything of you<br />
-if you will coming back (thanks to god that you did)<br />
could make your girlfriend think it would be better to leave you. <br />
I think your girlfriend hadn't the strengh to stay with you or didn't love you enough. (I don't want to write this because i could give the impression that it is your fault, but it isn't.)<br />
<br />
So don't give up. Give life a chance. You already came through many things twin towers, the attack and much more i coudn't imagine. Try it calm. Don't push you to much. The time will come. Take it easy. There will be a jill for your jack. Go out and enjoy life as good as you can. You better know than anybody else that it is precious and can be short. Be around open minded and friendly people. I believe you are a gentil and nice woman. Somebody who loves making others laugh and who stands for his country can't be a bad choice.<br />
<br />
I also hope you have some support from your family even though you see yourself as the black sheep. I mean that they can help you by going through your experiences. Talking to somebody is important and can make things easier.<br />
<br />
Best wishes to you

Don't give up on dating, your a beautiful women who has a lot to offer to another women.Your soul mate is out there. Give it a chance. I am in the same shoes you are. I haven't found my soul mate yet either. :)

I want more than sex I want relationship

i love south park.omg they killed kenny.lol and mad tv.i love making others laugh

It's true no woman wants me

that doesn't seem right. everything happens for a reason, maybe they just weren't the right people for you. there is someone out there special for you. don't give up on trying to find them. you're going to run into a few more woman who will run, then you will find the one who stands right by you. you're a lovely woman, and you will make someone really lucky:D

you have to find happiness in your self 1st. no one wants to date a "fix-er-uper" no one wants a sad girl to make happy. if your happy, fun and loving, you should find a girl asap! your hot too!!<br />
my advise, be apart of a gay group in your city. go to gay bars. meet girls online. i think in the gay world they 1st attractive thing is personality. if you are glowing with happiness then people should flock to you! <br />
good luck<br />
sorry its so up in your face answer

There are plenty of single lesbians out here that would be willing and able to date a woman in the military. I am one of them and if I wasn't in a relationship I'd be the first one in line to ask you out !! Please never give up faith in people, there are still some good ones out here, you just gotta find them !! I think the women you have dated were just scared they would lose you so it was easier to part ways then stick with you and endure it, they obviously were not capable or worthy of your love !! Honey, their loss not yours, but I wish you all the Good Luck in the world !!!! Your perfect match is out here, enjoy the search, don't ever think it is over!! You don't seem the type to give up considering where you have been and what you have been through !!!!!!

i already gave up

halfofme yes id like friend from maine.i cant work anymor actually due to my disabilties

Thanks for serving our country, that takes a lot of guts and I am proud of you for doing such. There are more fish in the sea, don't give up. There is someone out there for you..:)

im not old or young almost 30.and i love butches.but ive no friends

i was in iraq 4 years and a pow.im out the army now.even woman now dont wanna date me

I think that's an equal opportunity thing. Men in straight relationships lose the 'love of their life' as soon as they are deployed too.<br />
<br />
Of course for you it would be even harder with dadt....<br />
<br />
Not that it will be of much comfort but I'm sorry you had to experience that loss. It was wrong for them (her) to have lead you on and dump you like that. <br />
<br />
You are deserving of love too particularly since you are brave enough to put your life on the line for us.