I Am Part Lesbian I Think

well i never thought that i would be a lesbian i always liked woman but i am considered myself straight.
I was born male but from a early age i knew i wanted to be a girl. I am starting down the road of transition already got appointments through and i plan on going all the way and changing my gender ,hormones ,sex change the works.

by my 33rd birthday i should have been through the above and be post op. I still only like woman and i will be a woman so i guess i will be a lesbian.
when i say that "I am a lesbian" it reminds me of the scene from teaching miss tingle the movie with the girl from dawsons creek
when the girl was talking about a talk show where there was a guy who" this is her own words from the movie " "guy has sex change to become a lesbian"

but that is not why i am having a sex change.
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Yes i am taking therapy for this.

to be able to open up and go thru with your gut feeling, instinct, bodyn mind, and most important, what will truly make yiou feel like a complete person and be able to look and live the person that is inside you is a very brave thing to do. Society can be very backwards and harsh about these types of things. People need to understand that this isn't something that people do on a wim, and it isn't like getting a tattoo or piercings to live in the *moment* This is a struggle you've dealt with for a long time, and to make that choice s a lifelong, life chaging expeience. I sincerely wish you the best, and hope that you keep and great mental attitude. Are you taling counseling to work wih this?

i do not want to change my gender so i can just be with other woman. for a long time i felt like i am a woman and i plan to fix that. I do hope i find some one to love as my female self. <br />
i would give anything to have not been born male.<br />
<br />
as crazy as this sounds most of the men i know i think are not very nice to woman. as a trans woman i get a lot of male attention and most of them are just after one thing.<br />
<br />
<br />
to me i just love everything about woman. sex is the the last thing on my mind although it would be nice its not very important to me. its the person that counts.

in a way i envy you, because you were born male, but also hate that you are able to love a woman without having your sex changed. You are able to choose, that's why i envy you, but i'm happy to see that there are ppl out there that are straight but want to be love the opposite gender by becoming the opposite gender. I don't understand why you want to but i respect your decision.