I grew up with it, but it's not
Wrong or rejectable for that.
Whoever had the shirt saying how little I hold
Cannot make me over into what I already am,
Still cannot set me against it.
They and I may stand forever
Regardless of how much I inch toward them,
Without a thought for the answers I always find,
The bridges I know I need to build.
I remember the way the words felt when first
Gathered the courage to recite them,
The way my heart felt when I knew what they meant.
I tremble now too, with their weight.
And I tremble again as the music
Dangles my faith over a fire and a flood-
It is not a thing you can ignore.
With racing pulse I try the words on my lips,
The melody in my throat.
It feels good. It feels right.

eyekandy eyekandy
36-40, F
Jul 25, 2010