Need Someone...

I was just wondering if there was someone going through what I am....  Im going through a break up and need someone to talk too....
lostwithout lostwithout
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Dag girl I totally feel you. My ex left me after two years because I'm in the closet and she's not. As soon as we officially were over she moved on to the next person. I'm still feeling hurt and wondering if she was ever truly in love with me. Because two months before we broke up she expressed that she was in love with me and two months later told me she was in love with her current girlfriend. SO I know how you feel.

I haven't been through a break up for a while, but the hurt is still there from my last one !! Anything you need just hit me up !!!!! It does get better in time !!

:( Well I go thruogh breakups every other week with my wife, we are hanging in there by a string, but today is a good day. Im sorry you are sad though and i know how breakups are. Im around if you need to talk......... Take care.