Trying To Find My Perfect Partner

if there is any girls out there that love talking about science, are empathic about world issues, has a strange dark sense of humour, writes poetry and can stick up for themselves via martial arts or boxing...let me know! cause youre my perfect woman ;-)

ps- u would have to be forgiving to a certain degree...i was a nasty teenager lol
now iv grown up tho :-)

oh, liking animals is a major plus too
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6 Responses Jul 29, 2010

We have many assets in common,just I've been married to a lovely lady in and out beauty for few yrs. And met 20+ yrs ago :) need a friend xo
i carry a knife too ...

i don't think i'm her either, but i wanted to wish you luck in finding that special lady, i'm sure she's out there waiting to meet you too.<br />
<br />
all the best to you :D

I'm into science, just not every kind of science. I am epathic about world issues and even sometimes annoy my friends with how empathic I can be! I have a very dark and strange kind of humour. I don't write poetry but alot of short stories and some other random blabla. I have done TaeKwon-Do for a while but now I am into medieval sword fighting ;)!Love animals and I am very forgiving...<br />
<br />
So... I am sorry to disappoint you... I would say I am close but not your perfect partner ;)!!

loved it

i have all that quality except gender issue..can i be your friend.

thanx lol, i love the description my u think im mayb being a bit too fussy tho lol