Wanna Know My Story?

well i'll give you the short version. i always knew that i liked girls, i just didn't know what to call it when i was younger. once i realized what it was i was afraid of people finding out because i used to be embarrass. then when i was 16 i was really worried about someone finding out, then i thought long and hard and i just didn't care anymore. so i told my best friend, though i still kept it quiet. then when i was 17 i started to really really like this girl, a lot and we became friends and i liked her even more. so, as the year went on i told more people i liked girls and by the end of the school year every one new and new people i met would find out right a way. it was the best thing i ever did, it brought me closer to my friends old and new. i've had a few experiences, but no relationship :/ (that girl didn't feel the same) but its all about the experience. and you know what? i am about to turn 18 in 2 days and i have a feeling its going to get even better. and the only thing im sad about... is how hard it is to find some one who loves you as much as you love them :/ but the thing that keeps me goin in that i know theres just gotta be someone out there who will. its all in good time :)
megg92 megg92
Aug 2, 2010