I knew I was a lesbian at 14 when I fell in love with my best friend. Then i stupidly told her. In the bathroom of the bowling alley. I played around earlier than that though. I won't even tell you how early but always with girls.
  There was only one lady I would have had a relationship with. It was very early but we had a strong attraction. She moved for a job and I was planning to pursue her even still but evidently she had problems she had not told me about yet, being so early on. She committed suicide. I've always wondered, had I moved more quickly, if I could have stopped that from happening.
  Since then I've not met anyone who suited me. I work a lot and my job is trees....I've met a couple of very attractive, strong and independent trees but  when I asked them out, they just would'nt budge.
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Oh my god thats such a sad story. Im so sorry hun : ( wish i could help other then just a cyber hug (hugs you) We love you babe, keep your head up sweets

I just wanted to say goodluck in your pursuits! Trust me when you finally find that right tree it will definitely be worth it!<br />

Ok that was good LMAO !

Sometimes we have to lower our expectations. Have you considered bushes? Hmm. Wait a second. I guess you have! ;) <br />
<br />
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Thanks guys. :) She lives in my heart and always will. Hey, I'll try those willows..I'm just sooo attracted to maples damn it.

That is such a sad story. You gotta give that one up to fate...... that was her fate and there was no getting around it. Good luck with them trees... lol....

Damn oak trees... try willows, they are more pliable!<br />
<br />
Good luck in finding someone! (hugs)