My Sister's Big Moutth.

Ok I spent two days at my aunt's house with my other aunt too. We were going to Micky D's and I was talking to my aunt about my sister's love problems with her best friend and her ex-best friend. So she decides to tell my secret. I'm not open to my family because I think my mom would have a heart attack. Though I guess me being a dyke is the first clue, but I guess they kept on thinking it was a phase. They also thought I was a lesbian which is true but never confirmed.

Well my sister confirmed it for me with one of my aunts saying that I liked this girl who used to be my best friend. I didn't even like her anymore. So now one of my aunts know I'm gay and had a lecture with me saying that it's unnatural and wrong and disgusting. Hey she's one of my favorite aunts that I love. But we're Asians. We're homophobic people, well at least our parents are anyway. I love my family a lot and they are my support for many things. They are supportive of me following my dreams. I know that they still love me but I know that they might feel ashamed too. But when my aunt lectured me, she said that women are hard creatures to understand than men, but I told her that I would rather fight for a love with women than men. Though I don't like men, I do have friends that are guys, I just never fell for one.

Even when my aunt said that women are no good or it's not natural and it's disgusting. I didn't feel ashamed. Ok maybe a bit, but that doesn't affect me at all. I just told her that if I found a guy that I actually really like then I don't mind being with a guy, but with girls I feel a burning passion for them, even if people say that they're no good for me, I won't give up on them if they don't give up on me. If the person that I love or like gives me the chance, I would treat they like a queen.
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It's a shame that we live in a world where u can't just love someone for just being themselves..I know where your coming from I'm not gay but I'm Jamaican an my people are a homophobic people too..I'm mean they tolerate lesbians but gay guys would get beat the hell up,like why can't People love people 4 just being people regardless of race background class or whatever

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww ok i understand where your coming from...But you have to be happy yourself... no one has the right to judge you at all.. My family has come a long way since i came out last year.. just stay true to yourself and i promise everything will work out for the best=)

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I wish your family was more supportive of you. But you know, making them happy is NOT your job. Anyway, I truly believe they would come around and support you when you actually do find your life partner.

I jus wanted to give yu my support..i believe the GLBT (gay les bi trangender) community are constantly considered shameful or are discriminated against but its unfair..just keep yur head up and as long as yur fine with yurself and yur choices thats all that matters..jus remember they also thought blacks were wrong and were discriminated against n now we have a black president..(if yur in america now that i think bout it)...jus keep yur head up