My Parents Can't Know For Four Years

I was raised by two homosexual-hating parents. How they treat homosexuality is's worse than homophobia. When I started going to school, I shied away from the boys, but made friends with girls VERY easily. I assumed that I was just very social with girls and that's why they liked me. Well, I became very attached to my friends. In sixth grade, I met this girl. She wasn't very popular at all, but I wanted to be around her all the time. As did she with me. About halfway through the year, the word finally made it through my barrier, "Lesbian." I denied it until the next school year. Then I began to accept it. It took another half a year to truly understand what was going on in my life. So now, going into ninth grade, all my friends know, I'm with that girl I met in sixth grade, and my life is still kept a secret from my parents. They're still homosexual-hating and actually threatened to kick me out if I ever felt like I was a lesbian. They can't find out until I graduate high school. Four more years of keeping my life a secret. I think it might kill me to not be able to really be publicly with her for years. Sometimes I hate my life, but otherwise, I love it.

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I'm 19, a sophomore in college and I have a girlfriend of 7 months. She's out to her parents. They are so cool with it, I'm jealous =( I can't come out to my parents. This is a big part of my life that they have no idea about. I hate hiding secrets. My parents think I'm just not into dating, yet.

i'm from india so my parents will actually go berserk if they find out.. i cant ever come out to them...<br />
but you can just count down the years and be free at long last :)

My parents were not as severe as yours are but they are a bit homophobic too, but trust me parents come around to the idea of their child being gay eventually !! It took quite a while though, never stop being who you are for anyone, and even though you are still quite young I'm happy that you found someone who you love very much, its a special feeling, isn't it?? I'm sure you will still go through many changes in your life but never forget who you are, stay true and you will live a blessed life filled with a lot of happiness !! Best of luck to you !