This Isn't Infatuation..

..I've only known this girl for a month and a week..and its been almost 3 weeks that we've been talking..leaving 2 as just us being friends..its really diff..Im not like this, I move slowly and I take my time..and she said the same..Well, the 1st time she kissed me..I almost, my heart sped up and I wanted more..and I felt so wrong that I'd kissed her..but then again it felt so real..I wanted more, and I was so afraid..She saw this on my face..and she was holding my hands and telling me its okay..I've told her before that she's a rare breed of person..there aren't many people left on the planet like her. I feel like I got really lucky..

I know that I've only known her for a little while, but we've been doing something with each other since the time we met..and I feel like that's what makes this so different for me..and for her..we do something that we call "Mind *****..excuse the language please..or rather "Brain Sex"..and what I mean is that we literally picked each others minds..we talk philosophy rather than sex and toys and games..we talk actual life, and the "if's" "and's" and "but's" ..She tickles my mind..and I love it..

I decided I needed more of her..I took a city bus to her house..(I've never taken the city bus by myself b4 for fear of getting lost, but I did it for When I got there she smiled at me..and I gave her a hug..the idea for the day was to watch old disney movies, "Snow White" or "Dumbo" just to hang out..we did hang out, but it was more intense than I'd realized it would be. She would lay on me and her skin touching mine would send shock waves through me..I was getting nervous..but I didn't move..I readjusted myself and sat up..she straddled me..I hadn't been that turned on in a long time..she was starting to move, and I began to move with her..we did alot that day..we had the entire house to ourselves..and yet we didn't have sex..I didn't even touch her breasts..I made sure of that..she's looked at me before and said, "Do you realize that we're courting?.." I laughed, and thought about it and said, "Yeah, I guess we are :) "

She slept over last night..and all we did was talk and make out..we had the full on opportunity to have sex..and yet we were content just being close to one another..she's such an amazing person..she understands me inside and out..what I want to say she says before I have a chance to, and I understand her thoughts before she can say them herself..I feel like I can build something special with her..something real..i don't think this is infatuation..
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3 Responses Nov 11, 2010

It sounds like you have something really special and I wish you two the best of luck :)

thank you so much :)

You know... Its odd, but.. i'm in the same situation.. we haven't known each other long, and there is a little more to my story.. but.. i have fallen in love.. i think its great you have found a girl that makes you happy.. keep ahold of her, and don't let go.. life is to short to lose something that you care about