No One Ever Forgets..

I was just reading some articles today and came across with this:

"No one ever forgets the person who helped you out of the closet. No one ever forgets your first love. They can take away your freedom. They can take away your car. They can withhold their approval, their affection, their attention. They can lock you away in your castle in the clouds for a thousand years. But they'll never be able to take away the moment you shared with the first woman you ever loved."

Somehow, I felt it's true....

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7 Responses Jan 19, 2011

That really hit home for me. Thank you...I will always remember my first true love. She passed away 7 years ago and I still remember each of the amazing moments we had during our 10 years together.

Wow, that is very nicely said. take care

You need to let people know that you're interested in them, Andrew. <br />
<br />
JAZZ, great quote my friend :)

thats very true. i like that

When I first started reading this I thought you was talking about our government till I got to the last couple of sentences.

So true and I'm still with my first true lov n soul mate! Thanks ! I was never in the closet tho! was happy go lucky all my life! since small:) and it gets better every yr..we r blessed..

I like that, a whole lot!