More Confused Now Than Ever!!!! And Jus Very Lost!

Since I wrote the 1st story confused so much ahs changed I have found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this woman and nothing has changed between me and this woman ppl have said jus tell her how I feel and that's not easy @ all and she ain't making it easy either! As I said she is in live with this mann that she probly will never have cause he is with some1 and is engaged! Well since I wrote "confused she has now gottn envolved wit some1 else and she says she likes him but she has complaints about him he allways wantshis way and she don't like that! Well she has seemes to push me away we don't kick it like we use to we don't txt like we use to she for some reason has jus started treating me different and I haven't even said nothing to her about how I feel so now I'm more confused that I was b4 I wrote the 1st time! I jus don't how u can be flirting with some 1 for months and them it jus comes to a hault like this wich has me now feelin like all the things she said to me and how she flirted with me was all part of my imagination! She got me to where I don't even wanna look @ her cause it hurts to much idk if I should jus leave her alone or should I jus continue on as if this dosent bother me but I have now found myself say.n things to her I didn't use to in hopes she catches on to what I'm tryn to say to her I'm jus plain lost cause I don't wanna back away frm her cause we are still friends and we work together and I'm not going to jus quit my job to get away frm her! Idk a part of me feels like she is doing this cause she felt herself gettn to close to me idk if that's jus wishful thinking or not but this woman has me feel some type of way that I never have and I don't know what to do! Can't eat can't sleep can't think!smh
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Maybe she's Bi-curious if she's flirting with you. Bu then when you mentioned to her she flirting with you she said it was your imagination. Could she just be playing around you think? or too friendly? Maybe she's confused and scared just like you are.<br />
But you wont know unless you communicate with her. Why don't you tell her one day "Hey I want to tell you something...I like girls" And then see her response and take it from there. See how she reacts.<br />
Even if she likes you though, the situation with her looser BF kinda complicates things. And then also the fact that you guys work together. I think maybe you are setting yourself up for more heart ache if she stays with this guy and then you start something up with her and if you guys get mad at each other and have personal issues it's going to be kinda uncomfortable and difficult to work with her and your work will be affected. <br />
<br />
If I were you I would definitely tell her I liked girls and then ba<x>sed on her reaction take it from there. If she acts weird and stays with that guy then maybe I would give her some space but still talk to her and say hi.