22 Year Old Southern California Female Who Is A Lesbian, But Didn't Name It.

I've always been a lesbian, but never called or admitted it. I was obsessed with my elementary school female best friend. My obsession ended gradually. I think it's completely gone now. I'm twenty-two years old by the way. A girl kissed me on the cheek when I was in 2nd grade. I admired females' beauties since the beginning of school. I'm also attracted to males, but I want to be with a female completely. I've never seen a lesbian until my high school years. Even then I didn't know I was one. I didn't think of having sex. I was too busy with school and thought of other things. I attend a community college. I'm a self-assured and rational person. I'm also independent and make my own decisions. I'm here to find lesbians because I grew up thinking being straight was the norm and I didn't have lesbian friends. I think lesbians and "straights" live similarly except that lesbians like females and "straights" like the opposite gender. I don't think I missed out by not having lesbian friends.
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sexuallity is like a continous line form hetero to homo and people are destributed in between.<br />
so it is possible that someone is attacted to both sexes equally or one more than other.<br />
@joahola98wj, it is possible that you have a bad memory about penetration or sth similar<br />
that you don't like it.it's just a possibility.i guess you should be careful if you ever wanted to be with a man, and inform him about this situation before anything happens because it may hurt you both.you can also see a psychologist about it to see what has caused this.<br />
@ novenafriends, i don't think anyone has a place or perception to say what God wants or doesn't.<br />
this way of thinking only brings the feeling of being guilty for something that even doesnot harm anyone. the living it brings is full of pain and fear for nothing.<br />
forcing a person to marry someone he/she doesn't like is a SIN.because you're ruining someone's life.<br />
thinking that because someone is different or believe in sth you don't, he/she deserves the worst is wrong.

The reason I don't want to be penetrated by a male is because I don't want to have a baby and by a female because I've heard and watched in a book and in TV shows that it feels painful to break your hymen. Why do people look like they're in pain when they are penetrated?

I see. having sexual relationship with a male doesnot always mean getting pregnant. besides there are many ways to prevent that it can be done by both male and female. there are men who don't like to have a child as well and are willing to prevent it for themselves not forcing their partner.

about breaking hymen i heard that too,but have no idea how much is the pain. you can consult with a sextherapist or a physician about it as well.i guess there are ways to do that with less or no pain. to my knowledge extent it's just once.

anyway i hope you'll be happy with any decisions you make

I am lesbian, and have been since the moment I was able to think about that, and still in the military. I have always found some men attractive, but I have never been attracted to them. I am curious as to what you mean by being attracted to them, because Lesbians are not generally attracted to males.

I am attracted to males' physical features and as people. I only have an issue about being sexually intimate with men. I don't want to be penetrated or become pregnant. My sexuality is fluid. I would identify as bisexual, but I'm more attracted to females in all aspects of a relationship: sexual, emotional, and physical attraction.

I'm a lesbian too and in the military which makes things a little difficult. I don't have any lesbian friends except for the few I have met online. Add me if you like and we can be friends : )

@ novenafriends, First off. Im not one to post negetive resposes, so dont take it as such. But just offer my beliefs on what you said about a woman cant offer what a man can. We ctualy can, We care, love, cherrish and worship just as good as any man......

novenafriends -<br />
<br />
I do not believe this person asked for redemption for her sins. She is not sinning. She loves who she loves. You can't chose who you love. It is what it is. I am sure that God loves his children no matter what. I personally think that is a bunch of rubbish. I am bi-sexual so I should ask for redemption to I suppose.

Everyone repent. God did not make you that way. It is all brainwashing. Ask God for help marrie a man and have children so when you are older you will not be sad and lonely and depressed. Have children and latter enjoy them with the opposite gender as you get older. None of us are created to love the same sex. It is selfish. No same sex woman can offer what a man can offer. Is is challenging yes but with God it is possible and you can safely return into the arms of your creator and He will say enter the kingdom my child or if we disobey we will hear. Depart from you evil servant into the everlasting flames of hell fire that was prepaired for the devil and rebellious angels. PRAY for HELP

I wanted to be out too but I dont know where to start. I know my family and relatives wont accept this, not that easy. I want to experience being lesbian and being around lesbians but i dont know anyone near my place, that is why i went to this site as well. It actually helps me, with the stories of others, to try to embrace what I am really and not to fight myself and try to be 'normal'. The stories here inspires me as well.

hope we can be friends, =)

I hope so too. :)

hope we can be friends, =)

I'm 27 and I just came out. I finally realized that I was a lesbian a while ago, but it took me a long time to come out completely. I tried to "be hetero" for a long time, but it just wasn't working for me. In fact, it was causing me a lot of stress and depression. I never had a serious relationship because I just wasn't attracted to males, but I had some very intense relationships with my female "friends". I was always upset that I didn't have the life everyone else had. I wasn't dating boys, I wasn't getting married, I wasn't having kids, and I wasn't normal. Everywhere I went I was part of the gay community as a "straight supporter" and I felt so happy and accepted there. It wasn't until two years ago that I was really honest with myself that my attractions to females and my experiences with females were there because I was a lesbian. I fought with myself for two years about whether or not to come out. I was so afraid of rejection that I thought that I could change myself. Finally I managed, with the help of some great friends, to accept myself. Then I came out (yesterday) and I am already shocked at the outpouring of acceptance and love from family and friends. It's a wonderful feeling to be honest with myself and to be looking forward to my new lease on life! If you ever want to talk, message me and I'd be more than happy to listen.

Good for you! As it should be acceptance for who you are not what you like or don't like.

Thank you for sharing your story, RosesNBloom. I'm not out to my family, but I think some people can sense I'm a lesbian. My sexual orientation isn't something I announce to everyone unless they ask. I've never been asked this. It's not a huge part of my identity. It doesn't relate to anything in my life except if I want to date someone. Females don't announce their sexual orientation unless they mention a boyfriend. I don't know where the lesbians are in my college or in my hometown in California. Therefore I'm using online sites such as this one to search for them.

tru, hey im twenty and i been out for like only four years. but im content with how everything panned out for me