Seduced On The Massage Table.

This is just a quick account of what happened when I went for a massage.

I had been exercising way to much and had aching stiff legs, even my *** cheeks were aching.  I explained this to the Asian lady who just smiled saying I would be totally satisfied with the massage.

At the time I didn't think any thing of what she had just said.

When I got to the massage room they made me take a shower, then they gave me a tiny white thong to wear, I looked at it and then back at the woman, she smiled and said in broken English "ok, it be ok, no worry yes" I pulled it on, it was really tight and I felt it pulling deep between my cheeks, but more than that it was pulling in deep at the front, I let my fingers lightly run over the thong, it covered me like a second skin, my **** pushed out hard against the thin material, there was no hiding the large lump. My bulging lips were also spread wide. The Asian lady watched my hands moving on my body and smiled again "you will like, you will like." I felt her pulling my arm gently but her grip was very firm. I let her lead me into the massage room.

When I climbed onto the table I was fully aware of my open predicament, my legs being wide apart, my *** high in the air as I positioned myself face down on the table. The two ladies stood behind me talking in their language, I heard some whispered sighs as they talked softly with each other.

They had made me lay face down on the table, they went straight to work on the lower part of my legs laughing and joking with each other. It wasn't very long before they were massaging at the top of my legs using their hands to squeeze and push deep between my *** cheeks. I was thinking about this when I suddenly heard a loud buzzing sound and began to feel the unmistakable sensations of a powerful body massager/ vibrator on my inner thighs. They kept going for about fifteen minutes moving up and down my legs.  Every now and then I pushed my hips into the bed or twisted and turned from side to side as I tried to prevent them becoming more intimate as they probed further upwards,  I knew I was already soaking wet and there was no way to hide the fact. My tiny thong was really pulling in deep between my *** cheeks and ***** lips  They whispered to each other with a lot of ohs and ahs and then told me to turn over.

I felt the vibrator and their hands all over my body, working quickly, they began to work their way back to the top of my legs, one woman was using the vibrator over my lower stomach moving in circles and much to my dismay started moving slowly downward, the other woman was at the very top of my inner thighs gently pushing my legs further apart, I was really turned on, soaking wet and breathing heavy I felt my resistance fading fast, I knew I had to do something and fast. I tried to pull my legs a little closer together and moved my hand to my stomach to stop the vibrator from moving any lower, I caught the eyes of the lady who was pushing on my inner thighs, I tried to stop her, pulling my legs closer, I swallowed hard staring at her as she pushed even harder moving them further apart, she smiled, a wide grin, shaking her head slowly "no" from side to side, she called out softly her eyes never leaving mine. I heard a door open, heard footsteps, and saw another, much older Asian woman standing at my head.

I felt my legs being pushed wider apart, then the lady standing at my head took hold of my wrists and pulled them over my head pinning them on the bed, it was done so smoothly I was to late the prevent it happening.  I looked back at her arching slightly off the bed, pulling hard on my arms, she only smiled slowly moving her head from side to side just like the other woman, she said in a soft voice "hold on American Cindy, we make you *** so hard" I felt the vibrator move to my soaking ***** lips, I struggled wildly, I knew what was coming next but was helpless to stop it, I pushed my head back gritting my teeth, I was staring at the Asian lady who was holding my hands so tight to the table, she laughed out loud, her eyes wide open, I shouted out "no you won,t" I was determined not to let them take me over the edge. I heard a soft voice say "I,m sorry it is to late for you now".

I felt the vibrator move to my long hard ****, I tried to hold on, my head shaking from side to side, crying out, shouting for them to stop, my body stiffened, arching slowly upward pushing out to the side, I held on for only a few seconds before screaming out loud, It sounded like I was falling off a cliff, my body fell back down to the bed twisting and turning, writhing out of control, My eyes were staring at the ceiling, my hips driving up and down. One of the women pulled and twisted my long nipples and said "Ah, you *** so hard, yes"  I cried out a long aagghhhh over and over until my writhing body finally slowed to a stop. I was drained, exhausted, there was nothing I could do. They had got their way in the end.   From Cindy.

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so it is not only in asian ****? category lesbian massage? its really happening in real life too?..
hmm i dont mind being like that if its a chick...

A little like my experience ,only I didn't need to be held down ,when she removed my pants ,fingers going into me ,I had to beg her to let me go down on her ,she knew she had me

Mixed reactions!

my half-sister seduced me thru' massage 18 months ago, sucking & ******* me in 'cowgirl' after fingering her **** & ************* her G-spot in front of me.

yor massage true story was amazing! most erotic forced lesbian sex tale I hav read . If only the older woman had put a plug-in ******* ***** in her **** & ****** u with it once u had yielded while 1 of the other 2 licked & nibbled yor **** & the other sucked yor nipples.

Massage is a great way to seduce someone,just a nice natural progression from massaging neck,shoulders back legs etc to eventualy concentraiting on rubbing a pretty ***,turning a lady over and going for her ****,my wife was seduced this way by a bi friend

Where is it? haha

do you they still give you that treatment everytime you go? is that why you keep going back?

wow! do they do the same to everyone who goes there?

wow! i need to find somewhere like that to go! do you still struggle or just let them do it now?

I wish I could hve tht feeling? Wow would u go back there ever again?

very tense indeed ......wowwwww