Parents Taking Me To Talk To Church :/

so, i've been dating my gf for 11 months tomorrow, and just told my parents over this christmas break. I grew up in a very christian family, even going to school at a christian school. And i still feel very strongly about my faith, even though I know a lot of ppl in the church don't agree with me. Including my parents.

But now, they're setting up a meeting for me to talk to an elder at the church. :/ I know its not going to change my mind about dating my gf or change who I am. But I know its going to be hell. Nothing I say will change their minds and nothing they say will change mine. It's just going to frustrating and pointless.

But I have to go because I really don't want to ruin my relationship with my parents. I want them to see that this is who I am, that I'm still there baby girl and I still love God but that I like girls too. I know it's hard for them (when I told my 15 year old brother he told me I need to keep that to myself :/ ), but it's hard for me too.

My gf thinks i should really just keep it to myself to sort of, she doesn't like advertising it. Because we know that a lot of ppl are very judgemental. But I just want ppl to accept who I am. I wish I didn't have to hide it. But I know that this meeting's just going to be very hard and probably emotional and frustrating. Idk what to do, I guess I just need some support or something. :/
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Of course they are like you or me. They are different into sex because only don´t prefer opposite gender. They feel compatible inside the same ones. They have won or corrected to the nature laws living an existence against tide. The world commonly don´t understand and attacked them. However gays and lesbian are persons who fight hardly at life and get recognition in work. Great artists and scientists have been and are hidden or declared homosexuals. Don´t be afraid to be like them. Get out of closet. Falling into slump is stupid attitude. Make your best effort. Read a funny novel where gay and lesbian stand out in important roles. Open webpage: . A different experience will flood your life.

This is so tricky for some so stuck in their ways.<br />
my family is also the same , A preist told me i was pretty much possessed lol i cryed hurt my feelings and that it was a "choice" Then i realized commone sense tells me.. WHO in the world would "choose" to be judged and looked down on and to lead a pretty much difficult life .<br />
god makes no mistakes i once heard. anyways i take confort in the fact that animals(creation of god) who also display homo tendencys and they go on instint not thought so its not a choice<br />
its human nature i believe.anywayz i wouldnt take anything to seroiusly its good you know who you are . <br />
I pretended to be somone i wasnt to please everyone else and do the right thing<br />
and i was miserable.<br />
then i realized ither i can live a lie (which is also a sin)<br />
or just be me and happy... (which iam)<br />
No regrets :P

I wish you luck in this, hope your parents can accept and love you for who you are.

thank you so much. :) are you speaking from personal experience?<br />
<br />
i agree with everything you've said, and hopefully i'll have the courage to stand up to them and say those things that I believe. I know that i'm a christian, i'm accepted christ, believe in God. I believe that salvation can not be taken away, no matter what happens. That's what the bible teaches.<br />
<br />
And Jesus was ALWAYS hanging out with people that were highly judged at the time. God loves everyone. He doesn't stop loving us because we like ppl of the same sex. Just like he doesn't stop love alcoholics for example. I'm confident in my faith, so hopefully i'll be able to show them that. <br />
<br />
Thank you so much. ^-^

Okay here is what is going to happen. This person is gong to quote the bible to you. They are going to give you sc<x>riptures to read and hopefully you will think about them. Then they will ask you do you want to go to hell and then they will ask do you want to pray that spirit way from your body, They will tell you God did not make you that way and that being gay is not the will of God.<br />
<br />
Next they will say two women can not lay together and have children, They will tell u that the ways of the world and the worlds arguments that gays are born that way is what the world believes and you are not of the world but a christian.<br />
<br />
Next they will say that being gay is a choice and you made the choice to be with a woman and that is what can be changed...your choice. <br />
<br />
So this what I suggest. Tell them, that Jesus said "Whosoever will may come unto him and he will in wise cast out. He loves me and the cross of Calvary said so long before I was were born. Therefore there is nothing I need to do or can to do receive salvation,but believe. And read John 3:16 to them when they read the bible to you. They are going to read Romans to you, Still refer back the sc<x>riptures of salvation and do not refer to anything, anyone or any doctrine but by the blood of Jesus Christ. Once you said this once and they still try to convince you salvation is lost if you choose to be gay. Then stand up and go to the door and walk out.Never leave your faith in God just leave the place where his word is not edifying the completed work of Christ I hope this helps